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Baby Hazel Tree House


It’s another dazzling day for Baby Hazel. Cute little Hazel has entered an amazing Tree House full of fun-filled activities. Do you want to join her in exploring the Tree House? Enjoy tons of fun filled activities, surprises and games. Don’t forget ti look for the missing ball there. Keep Hazel happy by fulfilling her needs.

Level 1
Hazel’s life is full of surprises and fun. Today Baby Hazel and her pet Honey Bunny are enjoying a base ball game. Go along with little ones and enjoy fun filled game and activities.

Level 2: Foodie’s Hub
Wow! What a lucky day! So many delicacies waiting for you at the foodie’s hub. Our little princess is feeling hungry and thirsty. Prepares something yummy to calm her tummy.

Level 3: Floral Delight
Sniff…Wow! Nice fragrance. Hurray! Here is a little garden full of mesmerizing flowers. Go along with Hazel and enjoy fun filled activities. Don’t forget to give a shower to Hazel inside the pond. Also make sure you make Hazel happy by fetching the ball from the Squirrel.

Level 4: Shoe House
Surprise! It’s a Shoe House. Let’s go and see what’s there in it. But before that, can you help Hazel to fix the bridge that leads to Shoe house? Also assist her to renovate everything and make it look beautiful.

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