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Baby Hazel Fairyland


Little angel Baby Hazel has got a chance to explore the fairyland. It is all happened with the help of a Magician, who is ready to send her to the fairyland for a pink flower in return. So kids, are you ready to explore the fairyland? Get ready to go along with little Hazel and help her in finding the Pink Flower.

Level 1
Life is full of excitement for Baby Hazel. Today Dad has taken children to a magic show! Go along with Baby Hazel and Ashley and have fun watching magic tricks played at the show.

Level 2
Magician is ready to fulfill Baby Hazel’s wish by sending her to the fairyland on one condition that she would bring a Pink Flower from there. Go along with Baby Hazel to explore fairyland. Also help to search a Pink flower there.

Level 3
Baby Hazel needs magical water bottles to get back the colors in the fairyland. She has found 2 bottles but where are the rest? Can you help her rebuild the broken artifacts so that she gets the magical water bottles from them? Make sure you water the flower plants to get bright colored Pink flower.

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