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Baby Hazel Dinosaur Park


Baby Hazel and her cousins have flown to visit the Dinosaur Park. Let’s join the kids to explore the world of prehistoric animals, Dinosaurs and learn interesting facts related to them. Play and enjoy fun-packed Dino Games, puzzles and activities with Hazel and her cousins to win surprise gift. Have a blissful day with Baby Hazel at Dinosaurs Park!

Level 1
Baby Hazel is excited to explore the Dinosaur Park. Go along with Baby Hazel and her friends to explore the park of the gigantic prehistoric animals.

Level 2
Baby Hazel is all set to explore the Dinosaur Park. Each zone of the park is full of surprises and games. Let’s go along with Hazel to enjoy fun-filled Dino games and activities. Fulfill all the requirements of Baby Hazel to keep her happy.

Level 3
Welcome to Dino Museum! Can you help Hazel to explore some interesting facts related to dinosaurs by completing exciting activities and puzzles.

Level 4
Let’s have fun at Dino Dining. Join Baby Hazel and friends to feast on yummy snacks and flavored shakes. Also enjoy playing a lot of fun-packed puzzles and games with kids.

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